Apr. 25th, 2017

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Finally the stars aligned: it's after daylight savings time starts so it's possible to bike home from work, and I had an opportunity to do so yesterday, when it was nice (70ish, though it cooled off by the time I actually arrived home just around sunset). Bit of a headwind, but not really enough to account for my slothitude.

25.77 in 2:34 for an average of 10.0.

I took the new road home, but it involves a lot of slow lights, so the elapsed time was really long. Also there was stopping to first doff and then don my sweatshirt, and there seems to be something vaguely wrong with my bike so I poked at it a few times. I'm concerned it's metal fatigue in the seat. There's kind of a sway (very slight, but noticeable at speed) and for a while there was a squeak that seemed to come from the seat attachment. Unfortunately the company's been out of business for like 10 years.

Amusingly, I was passed by a friend of mine who was on his way down to Foxboro on his bicycle. We had a short chat, and then he decided to go at a reasonable pace and left me.

Today, I drove to the dentist from work in 1:25 (it's about 3 miles closer than home). If I rode faster it would be reasonable to just bike! Though I usually go in later and so driving in is only 40 minutes. Also, I would have been very wet.

And I have a new "not intended to be temporary" crown. Some of it was warranty work but some of the reconstruction was shared by me and insurance. Still, it was cheaper than the average crown.


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