May. 30th, 2017

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Does the DW brain trust work like the LJ brain trust used to?

I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to park at Davis Square on a weekday evening around 6:30pm. I see a Herbert St. lot mentioned on the web, but I can't get any review sites to tell me if I'm going to succeed or if I should just park at Alewife and take the T in. I'm sure at 6:30pm there will be parking at Alewife. But that makes it 15 minutes longer to get home afterwards because of having to take the T out, and by then there won't be any traffic. (On the way in, timing is a wash because of traffic.) So, if parking is likely, then I'd rather drive all the way to Davis. But, if I'm going to fail to park, end up driving back to Alewife, and getting to my destination at 7:30 as a result, then, well,I'd rather go to Alewife first. Any ideas?
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Everyone else in my family seems to be doing it, now we can always get PreCheck. I won't have it in time for my upcoming square dance trip to Ft. Wayne, but maybe I can drop by the Global Entry office and have my interview (which would otherwise be scheduled for like November). Only if they process it enough for me to have the interview scheduled. Ken says they schedule them for 15 minutes, but they only take 5 minutes, so you can just stop by and get interviewed at a random time, but only if you already have one scheduled. So, probably they'll get it done in time for me to stop by on the way to Ft. Wayne. Then, I think it will take effect in time for my return trip! And, for going to Oregon for the eclipse in August. If I don't manage the interview this trip, I'll just have to make a special trip to the airport sometime in the summer, I guess.

One of the questions in the application is "what countries have you visited in the past 5 years" -- well, I didn't remember so I scrolled back through my "trips" tag on LJ... Only UK and Spain; the Norway trip was just beyond the threshold (and they don't count Canada.)


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