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Sunday: 9.2
Monday: 25.73
Tuesday: 25.66
Wednesday: 9.4
Thursday: 6.8
Friday: 6.8
Saturday: 15.97

Total: 99.5

People more anal than I would have ridden down the street for 1/4 mile and back...
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There turns out to be a huge windmill farm at the Indiana/Ohio border near Toledo. I took pictures out the car window. You can't really tell just how many there were from this picture. I thought it was pretty cool, just making power for free there. (Just like we are on our roof now! Which I've been tweeting about incessantly, though I haven't posted anything here about the solar panels. I guess now I have...)

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We have a pleco in our aquarium to keep the algae at bay. This is the most amazingly healthy fish ever. He's just growing and growing! For a long time he was very shy, hiding behind the decor, but now that he's like 10 times bigger than anything else, he's willing to show himself frequently. Partly, he doesn't FIT behind anything anymore!

The stripes are an artifact of having taken the picture just after feeding -- they are the food pellets dropping through the water during the exposure.

1000 miles

Jun. 30th, 2017 06:03 pm
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So, I wasn't going to bother to post this, but while messing with the photos on my phone I was interested to compare to last year, so I scrolled back through LJ, and learned that in 2016, I rode my 1000th mile on Wednesday June 15. THIS year I rode my 1000th mile on Wednesday June 14, exactly 52 weeks later!

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Actually it didn't rain very much, just a little splatter. Monday I drove to work and abandoned my car, Tuesday I rode back in. I had thought that there wouldn't be any specific reason for me to be at work Tuesday morning, but then there was a problem at work overnight and so I wanted to get there before noon, and, having a morning phone meeting, didn't get to leave at the crack of dawn. So, I had incentive to move. Apparently incentive works:

Monday: 25.73 in 2:31 for a lame average of 10.1. Maybe a little headwind.
Tuesday: 25.66 in 2:14 for an AWESOME average of 11.4

boat woes

Jun. 25th, 2017 08:44 pm
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Went waterskiing Friday evening, boat worked really well. We'd had earlier problems where the battery was toast, and had replaced it, and while replacing it, had discovered that the wiring harness was also toast, and patched it together. So, we ordered a new wiring harness, and it came and Ken installed it today. It seemed to start and stuff. We didn't actually drive it around, just started it. Neighbors came to go boating. The motor behaved terribly for them. Started ok, but very rough when running. They came to see if we'd done it. Ken doublechecked his work but couldn't see how the wiring harness for starting could have anything to do with making it actually go. So, we're sad, because it might take forever to get the shop to look at it. At the end of last season it was behaving terribly also, and we took it to the shop this spring. The shop couldn't reproduce the problem, just cleaned everything out and all was well again. Temporarily, I guess. So sad. I hope it gets fixed before our big party in 4 weeks!

But we got the rest of the dock in, so that's all set. Still need to put out our duck-repellent netting, because the ducks have been having a field day, ew.
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I got the pix from the Fort Wayne Botanical Conservatory. Photo credit for the one of me to David Resnick, who also has a better camera than my phone.

A good person would know the names and origins of the butterflies pictured. It was totally fun, despite the tshirt.

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I'm still in Fort Wayne at the square dance, though all the dancing is over. A couple of hack tips--mirror and hex, but mostly just dancing. Our flight was late so we only got in 3 tips Thursday night, but there was lots of dancing Friday and Saturday. Getting ready to go back tomorrow. We did one tourist activity, which was the butterfly exhibit at the botanical gardens. It was great, and I will hopefully post pictures when I get back to a real computer.
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I was asked to RSVP via meetup to Matt Stone's upcoming party next weekend. When I went there, it popped up a message saying their T&C had changed. Since when LJ did that I didn't read them, I thought maybe I'd read Meetup's. Under "Information we collect" I find this lovely bit:

With your permission, we may collect other information from your device, such as photos from your camera roll, contacts of individuals you wish to find or connect with, or calendar information you want to manage via the Platform.

Photos??? Seriously? They're going to spy on my phone's camera? Well, I better not ever use meetup from my phone then! Probably it's OK from my laptop, there I have a random folder under c:\yduj and it's unlikely they'll find any there.


Jun. 14th, 2017 08:12 am
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Jocelyn is in Iceland! She's going with a friend of ours. They're spending a few days in Iceland, and then going on to Norway for a week. They'll spend the summer solstice in Tromso, which is above the arctic circle. Unfortunately it will probably rain so they won't actually get to see the sun all night. Planned activities include riding Icelandic ponies and reprising Ken's parasailing adventure in Norway (Jocelyn was too young then, and has since been jealous). They left yesterday.

Me, I'm just going to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for an annual square dance convention. "The great intra-coastal wasteland", or, as a coworker of mine says, "fly-over country". I leave tomorrow, returning Sunday, so it's not a huge trip. I'm actually flying into Detroit and driving with a friend -- that seemed to be the fastest route. Kayak kept giving me choices that involved Atlanta. Um, like, can you say "not on the way"?
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Valerie and Jocelyn went to Pride, but Ken and I stayed home. (Perry stayed home too, but he never does anything interesting. We did play a game this evening, which he won, and this morning he and I worked together to fix a couple of bugs on LambdaMOO, so it wasn't all solo computer play for him today.)

While home, though, we did useful things: Launched the sailboat! Had some trouble with the mast, had to raise and lower it a couple of times, but eventually got it in working order. The mooring had been dragged a little ways by the ice this winter, even though there wasn't much, so I put on my wetsuit and moved it back where it belongs. Then, since I was wearing the wetsuit and hadn't had any exercise besides raising the mast twice and running back and forth from the car to the trailer, I went for a short swim. Counts double, though, because doing anything in a wetsuit is tiring. Kind of fun to be that buoyant. Then I replaced the center seat in the canoe, which had collapsed, and we'd ordered a new one, but not got 'round to installing. So, vast lakeness! Yay.

Tomorrow Jocelyn has an end-of-year swim party to attend, 50 miles away, and I'm taking her. So there will be more water play. I hope I get to swim, not sure what's actually happening at the party. The hosting parent is a nervous ninny and keeps sending emails thanking me for chaperoning. I don't really intend to "chaperone", it was simply the easiest course of action because Jocelyn has something to do both before and after and will arrive late and leave early so carpooling can't work out.
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So I rode my bicycle from work to the movie theater, 15.5ish miles, of which slightly less than 15 was recorded because the odometer is flaky. It took just about what Google had estimated (Google apparently rides about the same speed as I do). I met people with a bike rack there, and we saw the movie. I liked it. Lots of nice FX.

Friday I went to work even though I mostly WFH Fridays, because Jocelyn is taking classes at Esh and needs a lift home. Mostly Ken's been doing it, but I thought I'd do it this time, especially since I got a bike ride out of it.

Took yet another new route involving the new road. This one's problem was a one-way street going the wrong way. I could have ridden on a right-way street but it involved a slight downhill to get there, and a corresponding uphill to get back on the route, and it was mile 23 and I was tired. The route ended up slightly shorter than I expected.

25.51 in 2:28 for an average of 10.3. Like I said, I was apparently not inspired to become my own Wonder Woman...
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I'm sure I've mentioned my love for capitalism in the past. It's come to bite me again.

I want to see Wonder Woman.

I can't figure out how to buy tickets for a showing TOMORROW on! They utterly changed their interface and I don't see "change date" anymore. WTF? I guess they really don't want anyone to plan ahead. I was whining a few weeks ago that I wanted to find out whether a movie would be in theaters in a couple of weeks and wasn't able to tell. But now not even for tomorrow? I guess I'll have to get up 15 minutes earlier in order to buy tickets. If it's like last time, I have to do the purchase in two steps so I can take one ticket myself and give the others to Valerie and Jocelyn to meet me at the theater. Last time it just gave me one piece of paper and they had to hang out waiting for me instead of comfortably going in and buying popcorn.

Maybe I should go to even fewer movies in the future, because it's so hard to buy tickets. What stupidity. How do regular people get anything done with these insanely flashy web sites where it's so hard to find the button to buy things?
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For those who are curious (or simply bored), I decided in the end to go Alewife. Reading my book on the T was infinitely more pleasant than sitting in traffic on Alewife Brook. Even $11 more pleasant (parking plus T fare.) I did get a charging spot -- but I hadn't really needed it, since I was only coming from work, where I'd charged up.
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So, here it is June 4. The lake is still only 66 degrees! Brrr. I wanted to go water skiing for the first time this season, but unfortunately the boat battery is complete toast. We put the boat in over a month ago, and the battery drained itself pumping the bilge. Last weekend I detected this, and charged the battery. Today I went out and the bilge pump was still operating, but it didn't have enough power to start the boat. I gave it a little charge (feeling stupid I hadn't done it last night when it could have had all night), but it wasn't enough to start the boat. Should have been -- it went from "charging" to "finishing charge" in just a couple hours. But, apparently it's really too toast. Bummer.

So we decided to put the rest of the dock in instead. Even in a wetsuit, standing around in 66 degree water for an hour and a half is hypothermia-inducing. We had more than the usual trouble with getting the darn thing leveled and squared, and didn't manage to finish. The final bit will be less work than today, but it was annoying we didn't finish. We were just too cold. So, hot showers and sitting around reading under a blanket for the rest of the day...

It's going to be in the 50's for the next two days. This will not improve the lake temperature. Where's global warming when you need it?
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Had the opportunity to bicycle most of the way to work yesterday. Decent showing, 23.46 in 2:08:27 for an average of 10.9. Of course I skip the final hill this way, so that helps.
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Everyone else in my family seems to be doing it, now we can always get PreCheck. I won't have it in time for my upcoming square dance trip to Ft. Wayne, but maybe I can drop by the Global Entry office and have my interview (which would otherwise be scheduled for like November). Only if they process it enough for me to have the interview scheduled. Ken says they schedule them for 15 minutes, but they only take 5 minutes, so you can just stop by and get interviewed at a random time, but only if you already have one scheduled. So, probably they'll get it done in time for me to stop by on the way to Ft. Wayne. Then, I think it will take effect in time for my return trip! And, for going to Oregon for the eclipse in August. If I don't manage the interview this trip, I'll just have to make a special trip to the airport sometime in the summer, I guess.

One of the questions in the application is "what countries have you visited in the past 5 years" -- well, I didn't remember so I scrolled back through my "trips" tag on LJ... Only UK and Spain; the Norway trip was just beyond the threshold (and they don't count Canada.)
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Does the DW brain trust work like the LJ brain trust used to?

I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to park at Davis Square on a weekday evening around 6:30pm. I see a Herbert St. lot mentioned on the web, but I can't get any review sites to tell me if I'm going to succeed or if I should just park at Alewife and take the T in. I'm sure at 6:30pm there will be parking at Alewife. But that makes it 15 minutes longer to get home afterwards because of having to take the T out, and by then there won't be any traffic. (On the way in, timing is a wash because of traffic.) So, if parking is likely, then I'd rather drive all the way to Davis. But, if I'm going to fail to park, end up driving back to Alewife, and getting to my destination at 7:30 as a result, then, well,I'd rather go to Alewife first. Any ideas?
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Apparently my company isn't quite doing as well as I had thought. We lost a little money last year and are on track to lose a little money this year. Not a disaster, but enough that they wanted to make "an adjustment". Do more with less! Of course, it's easier to lay off people in the U.S. with our "employment at will" laws, so we get most of the hit. Probably we're more expensive, too, so you get more bang for the buck. Not me -- yet. Probably not me for a while, it is predicted that we'll be back on target to make a little money next year, so we're not spiraling the drain. I'm still moderately happy with the work and deliriously happy that they put up with my part time nonsense. Moving somewhere else I'd have to convince them half time was really a good deal, plus I'd have to learn all manner of new software and processes. I'm going to have my 10-year anniversary this November!


May. 23rd, 2017 11:51 pm
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I STILL ITCH from my bites this weekend. It's really hard to sleep. I'm going to go take another benadryl and cross my fingers. It seemed better last night than the night before, but worse again tonight.
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