Apr. 23rd, 2017


Apr. 23rd, 2017 07:25 pm
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The powerboat came back from the shop a couple weeks ago, and today we finally got around to launching it. A perfect day, very little wind, sunny and warm. We get down there, get it off the trailer and into the water, and try to start it. Grind. One little grind, and quit. Crap. We'd thought the battery was OK because it was raising and lowering the motor fine. Conference on the phone with people back home. We decide to jump it, our jumper cables are fairly long. Of course they're at home. So, back home to fetch them (I stayed with the boat). We were able to drag the boat close enough to the shore to get a connection -- "Don't do this near water", yeah right. Grind grind start. YAY. I drove around a bunch to charge the battery. Unfortunately some of the buoys that mark hazards in the middle of the lake have not yet been installed, so I had to remember where they were, which I apparently did successfully.

So, after joyriding, we returned to shore, where we "rescued" a couple of dead sailboats which had drifted near our shore in a recent storm. Some fussing to get them dragged to where we could portage them out. Boy are they dead -- so many holes in the bottom! We were able to drag them partway onto the dock and let them drain before dragging them all the way up the steps.

I'm not sure this is a brilliant move, however, because now we have these two dead boats, and we don't have a plan for getting rid of them. It's like, I picked up litter from the lake, and now I'm going to have to pay to get it hauled away. I've written to the local sailing club for advice. Likely the boats came from them anyway!

All this dragging of boats around has really tired me out. Plus the hour of sitting around in the wetsuit (someone has to be able to wade, possibly deep, in 55 degree water). Doing anything in a wetsuit is an enormous amount of work.


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