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Perry does not like mint. Perry needs those little flosser things to get between his teeth, he's not competent with a length of floss.

Stores have only mint flossers. Ten different types of bags of flossers and ALL MINT. Several different flavors of mint, but, ALL MINT. Feh.

I bought them online before, and I had to do it again. This will no doubt happen again next year. Fortunately Amazon remembered which brand I bought so I didn't have to go through the searching again...

Next up: Canisters. We bought many klik-klak canisters 20 years ago and I love them. But, they have aged, kids left them by the stove and they melted a little, some are cracked, etc., and they are no longer air-tight. So we bought a couple of small klik-klak canisters to replace and augment the stash.

Uh oh. They changed the design! The old design had a little lip that the lid fit into, and it was just wide enough to get your thumb under, so you could pick up the canister with one hand. No more! Now instead the sides are completely smooth, and there's no place to stick your thumb. So, it needs two hands. This is less convenient! Especially since mine are on a lower shelf in the cabinet. Now I have to bend over twice! Feh.

I haven't done the web or visiting stores research to look for a new brand yet. So my sugar is a solid lump and my flour is kind of damp. At least so far the flour has not attracted bugs. When that happens I'll be forced into action.
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Nothing was on the calendar for today! So, Ken and I went bicycling. We went up Blue Hill. 10 miles to get there, one mile straight up, one mile back down, 10 miles back home. Before the ascent my average was 12.6. After it was 10.5. Strangely, it was 10.6 when I returned home. I thought the base of the hill was the same elevation as home, so my average should have improved a little, I'd think. But, the down is not really very fast because it is littered with potholes, parents, kids, dogs, horses, horse poop, other bicycles... And there was some dorking around because we stopped at the hardware store on the way home and the parking lot is large and slow. So, that's my excuse.

Turns out we actually had plans, because some of our many guests from last weekend are stopping back here after a camping expedition and before their airplane tomorrow, so we need to feed them. So I made vast food for dinner (which now just needs to bake for an hour), and also plan to make vast food for dessert because tomorrow there's a square dance and I want to bring some snacks. So I need to have decoy snacks by making a double batch or there won't be any for tomorrow.

Food and bicycling, my default hobbies :-)
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I'm making a dish that contains meatballs tonight. I forgot to get the ground turkey out of the freezer this morning. I don't like doing it in the microwave because it ends up cooking part of it and leaving part still frozen. But, it's a hot day. So, I put the frozen brick of meat on a plate, and put the plate in the back of the car. 2 hours later it is soft and perfect!


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