Jun. 30th, 2017

1000 miles

Jun. 30th, 2017 06:03 pm
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So, I wasn't going to bother to post this, but while messing with the photos on my phone I was interested to compare to last year, so I scrolled back through LJ, and learned that in 2016, I rode my 1000th mile on Wednesday June 15. THIS year I rode my 1000th mile on Wednesday June 14, exactly 52 weeks later!

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We have a pleco in our aquarium to keep the algae at bay. This is the most amazingly healthy fish ever. He's just growing and growing! For a long time he was very shy, hiding behind the decor, but now that he's like 10 times bigger than anything else, he's willing to show himself frequently. Partly, he doesn't FIT behind anything anymore!

The stripes are an artifact of having taken the picture just after feeding -- they are the food pellets dropping through the water during the exposure.
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There turns out to be a huge windmill farm at the Indiana/Ohio border near Toledo. I took pictures out the car window. You can't really tell just how many there were from this picture. I thought it was pretty cool, just making power for free there. (Just like we are on our roof now! Which I've been tweeting about incessantly, though I haven't posted anything here about the solar panels. I guess now I have...)


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